Officers and Board

AORTA is led by a team of organizational officers and by a board of directors. The members of AORTA have elected these officers to provide effective leadership for internal activities and in contacts with the general public, with representatives of other advocacy organizations, and with representatives of government, civic and corporate organizations.

Current officers (2020/2021)


Bob Krebs

Vice President, Eastern Oregon

Stephen Adams

Vice President, Portland Area

Dave Crout

Vice President, Western Oregon

Art Poole


Marian Rhys


Kenneth Peters

Past President

Jon Nuxoll

Government Affairs Director

Donald Leap


Dave Jannuzzi

Patrick Carnahan

Dan McFarling

Mike Morrison

Portland Chapter Chairs

Marian Rhys

Jeff Wells

Director Emeritus (In Memoriam)

Ray Polani

Strategic Planner

Jim Howell

Former AORTA President David Zagel remembered.